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We’re moving our blog activities over to


This wordpress blog here will remain as a diary and archive for past work.

Pause Fest 2012

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Hyper Trophies and QCC will be shown as part of Pause Fest in Melbourne, Australia.
November 8th -11th,  2012.

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3D Burns! Gallery Show

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QCC will be shown in the Fe+ Gallery, Pittsburgh as part of the VIA New Media Festival, alongside work by Claudia Hart.
October 1st to 6th.
Curated by Michael Mallis and Katie Torn.

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ASIFA Presentation SF State University

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Coppola Theatre, SF State’s Fine Arts Building, Room 101, Free

Ben Ridgway who has just joined the SF State faculty, will introduce animators who are expanding the boundaries of a great art form in exciting new directions.  Explore the cutting edge work of Zeitguized from Germany, Andrew “Android” Jones from San Francisco, Max Hattler from Germany and PES who is now lining in LA.  Ben will show his remarkable looking film Triboluminescence.

Zeitguised is American sculptor Jamie Raap and architect Henrik Mauler who have teamed up to create digital works that are breaking new ground in the realm of digital surrealism. They have created their own universe of abstract geometrical forms that defy the laws of physics.  They create scenarios where objects rather than characters become the focal point of unfolding abstract narratives. Riding the line between fine art and industry, they continue to push the boundaries in both arenas.

Max Hattler is a German video artist and experimental filmmaker who uses stop- motion, motion graphics, 3D computer animation and everything in between to create his stunning commentaries on mainstream media, politics, and spirituality.  He says, “I am interested in the space between abstraction and figuration, where storytelling is freed from the constraints of traditional narrative.  My work contemplates microcosms, moments, atmospheres:  Close-ups as reflections on the big picture.  While my films tend to be without dialogue, they explore the relationship between sound, music and the moving image.”  http://www.maxhattler.com/

Andrew Jones, a.k.a. Android Jones, is a Bay Area visual artist working in the fields of concept art for movies and video-games, fashion design, body painting, illustration and digital performances. His mind blowing paintings and live performances have electrified audiences in galleries and underground music festivals worldwide.  Recent shows include the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, Burning Man 2012 and images for the YouTube projections that covered inside and exterior of the Sydney Opera House with San Francisco based Obscura Digital.  http://www.androidjones.com/

PES, who recently moved to Los Angeles from NYC, animates everyday, instantly recognizable objects using stop-motion animation.  His work is internationally recognized including his short films “Roof Sex”, “KaBoom!”, “Game Over”, “Western Spaghetti”, and “Fresh Guacamole”. PES’s latest short, “Fresh Guacamole”, premiered as part of Showtime Network’s “Short Stories” series in March 2012.  An early influence on his work is the Czech surrealist Jan Svankmajer.  He is currently in development on his first feature film, a movie based on the Garbage Pail Kids franchise. www.eatpes.com

Ben Ridgway has been creating experimental animation since 1992.  His abstract surreal films have been showcased in film festivals around the world including Annecy.   He has over a decade of experience working both as a 3D artist in the video game industry and as a professor.

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IdN v19n4

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Zeitguised & Nick&Chloé in Étapes 206

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Big Bang

Posted in Awards, Publication & Shows by ZEITGUISED on 23/May/2012

Upcoming group exhibition in Paris.
From Wed, 30th of May 2012.

ZEITGUISED will be presenting new work:
“Are We Hard Yet”
A remix project with stellar photography duo Nick&Chloe.


Hyper Trophies

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Hyper Trophies Sneak Preview
Moving still portrait sculptures.

Full version at zeitguised.com

A collaboration with Berlin fashion label Franzius and ProdCo Stink Berlin.
Premiere at the Stink Temporary Gallery during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012.

1080p portrait screen exhibit: endless loop

Direction, Design, Concept, CG: ZEITGUISED
Sound design by Franz Kirmann.
Models: Medea Paffenholz and Kristin Keil wearing Franzius Winter Collection 2012/13
Styling: Franzius
Hair and Makeup: Ewa | nude agency
Production: Martina Lülsdorf, Annette Krutzik @ Stink Photo
Exec Producer: Christian “Brox” Brochot
DOP: Thomas Stokowski
Grading: Das Kombinat

Holzfreunde Kitchen

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HLZFR (Holzfreunde Berlin) posted some nice shots of the kitchen they did in our studio.

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ZEITGUISED in Eyemyth India

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ZEITGUISED is represented with three short pieces at Eyemyth Film Festival, India.
Screenings on 10th and 11th of February 2012.

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Banque Populaire: Quadre

Posted in Commercials by ZEITGUISED on 06/February/2012

Our fourth installment, featuring a “region” (!) and marvellous magic bank money seeds.
With designs by Ivan Flugelman.


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ZEITGUISED lecture, show & tell in Dresden, Germany.
January 11, 2012, 7pm at Alte Motorenhalle.


Posted in Awards, Publication & Shows by ZEITGUISED on 01/December/2011

ZEITGUISED is published with two stills projects in the fabulous book Erratic by Gestalten Verlag, Berlin.
The collective theme of all published projects is single image based narratives.
Blurp from the publishers:

Movement, tension, balance, and surprise are being increasingly explored in today’s visual culture. More and more cutting-edge design, photography, and art depicts subjects that initially appear to be stable or to be symmetrical. But upon closer examination, each image tells a story. Or, more aptly, it triggers a story in the viewer’s mind that shows the inevitable events that will develop out of the portrayed circumstances.

Erratic documents recent, often playful creative investigations that reveal a range of narrative qualities inherent in single images. At the same time, the featured work makes clear that even conditions of alleged stability or balance can come to an abrupt end at any time.

ZEITGUISED in Eyeworks NYC Festival

Posted in Awards, Publication & Shows by ZEITGUISED on 01/November/2011

Zeitguised is shown with Peripetics at Eyeworks Experimental Film Festival in New York City, US.
Screening on November 05, 2011.

ZEITGUISED in onedotzero

Posted in Awards, Publication & Shows by ZEITGUISED on 06/October/2011

ZEITGUISED is represented with a short film in the legendary onedotzero festival, ten years after the first architectural short (with Popular Mechanics). On screen this time: the short film QCC.

MTV Charts Strugglers

Posted in Idents by ZEITGUISED on 02/September/2011

MTV Networks Sweden commissioned us to do a new graphics package consisting of x6 10 sec bumpers for MTV CHARTS…
Design/Direction/Production by Zeitguised, Sound Design by Kungen & Hertigen

Becks Vier UK Launch TVC

Posted in Commercials by ZEITGUISED on 29/August/2011

TVC for the new Becks Vier Square Neck Bottle launch in the UK, 2011
Length: 20″
Agency: Mother, London
Production Company: Blinkink, London
Design, Direction, CG Production: Zeitguised
Animation: Sven Hauth
Modeling: Rafael Vincente

Banque Populaire: Un, Deux, Trois

Posted in News by ZEITGUISED on 04/August/2011

We have just completed our first major campaign, for french “Banque Populaire”. The project entailed TVC and print stills.

Brand: Banque Populaire
Olivier Klein – CEO of the Commercial and Insurance Bank of BPCE Group
Michel Roux – Director of Business Development, Banque Populaire
Chantal Petrachi – Head of Communication for Banque Populaire
Fabienne Ranjard – Brand and Advertising Manager, Banque Populaire

Managing team : Laurent Habib, Bénédicte Vignon, Agathe de Cordoue
Art Directors : Nathalie Winkelmann, Julien Saurin
Copywriters : Jean Desportes et Nicolas Gadesaude
Digital project managers : Aurélien Pecoul & Clarisse Dezerable
TV production: Virginie Meldener, Marie-Valentine Girbal
Production : Anna Toussaint

Production company : Stink Paris
Director : Zeitguised
Animation: Matt Frodsham, Sven Hauth, Gero Doll
Print Realization & Design: Chris Labrooy
Modeling: Anton Woll Söder
Executive producers: Caroline Ray, Greg Panteix

Post production : Nightshift
Post producer: Natacha Ravlic

De:BUG Imagery

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The Berlin based “digital lifestyle” magazine DE:BUG asked us to contribute editorial images for several features in their latest issue. Check it out in your favorite (german) newsstand now…


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we just revamped… please find our new website here:


A big thanks to Vincent Roman for his help getting it up and rolling.

Kiss the Design

Posted in News by ZEITGUISED on 22/June/2011

Our new work Sample Sample, the first with Julius Steinhauser, is featured in a gallery exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The “KISS THE DESIGN” Gallery  by Corine Stuebi is hosting an event located in a colorful grey zone between classic modernist design furniture, art and graphic design.

The other 2 artists are:
Mathias Forbach http://www.fichtre.ch/
Collectif A3 (Julien Wulff, Yvo Hählen, Priscilla Balmer) http://www.a3collectif.ch/


real fake

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“What emerges are pictures of sculptures in the tradition of René Magritte. Post-photographic simulations are Surrealist mind models with an uncanny relation to the real that on close inspection actually transgress the rules of perception, gravity, time and space. This makes impossible objects the ultimately “true” embodiment of the recursive systems that are the basis of computer science. They are systems that self-reference and build off of themselves but can originate from ANY assumption, no matter how improbable.”

Gallery show curated by Rachel Clarke, Claudia Hart and Michael Rees.

Kari Altmann (Baltimore), Jose Carlos Casado (NY), Rachel Clarke (Sacramento), Claudia Hart (Chicago), Spencer Hutchinson (Chicago), Yael Kanarek (NY), Brian Khek (Chicago), Alex Lee (Seoul), Lenox-Lenox (Chicago), Alex McLeod (Tornonto), Jon Rafman (Montreal), Michael Rees (Montclair), Lou Regele (Chicago), Timur Si-Qin (Berlin), Yemenwed (NY), Katrina Zimmerman (Chicago), Zeitguised (Berlin)

University Library Gallery, California State University, Sacramento, CA
Friday April 1-Saturday May 28, 2011
Reception: Wednesday, April 6, 5:00pm-8:00pm

University Galleries, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ
Monday October 24-Friday December 2, 2011
Reception: Thursday, November 3, 4:30 – 6:00
Panel Discussion: Thursday, 11/17, 12:30

Japan: Fold&Donate

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Peripetics at Volta NY

Posted in Awards, Publication & Shows by ZEITGUISED on 15/February/2011

As part of the PROJECTiON program—presented by Culture Shock Marketing (CSM) and Vimeo—screening in the 7W elevators, the shuttle buses, and on the fair floor. This is a curated selection of contemporary moving-image digital artworks, from computer animation and effects to Super-8 film and experimentation.

March 3- March 6


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VIVA Show Packaging

Posted in Idents by ZEITGUISED on 01/February/2011

We recently designed 3 Show Packages for VIVA Germany’s 2011 Rebrand.
Produced with Sven Hauth & Matt Frodsham.

Creative Director : Dinko Lacic

Exec Producer: Susa Ehlers STINK Berlin
Sound Design: Michael Fakesch


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