Hyper Trophies

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Hyper Trophies Sneak Preview
Moving still portrait sculptures.

Full version at zeitguised.com

A collaboration with Berlin fashion label Franzius and ProdCo Stink Berlin.
Premiere at the Stink Temporary Gallery during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012.

1080p portrait screen exhibit: endless loop

Direction, Design, Concept, CG: ZEITGUISED
Sound design by Franz Kirmann.
Models: Medea Paffenholz and Kristin Keil wearing Franzius Winter Collection 2012/13
Styling: Franzius
Hair and Makeup: Ewa | nude agency
Production: Martina Lülsdorf, Annette Krutzik @ Stink Photo
Exec Producer: Christian “Brox” Brochot
DOP: Thomas Stokowski
Grading: Das Kombinat


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Art series that simulates the comic&@omic as abstract, surreal and sculptural.
Mickey, Donald and Armoff.

Stroke Art Fair

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We will be showing some new pieces in the Stroke Art Fair in Berlin this week.

Boolean Taxidermy

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Kontaktschmelze Revisited.

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Peripetics, ex machina.

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Peripetics or the Installation of an Irreversible Axis on a Dynamic Timeline

Zeitguised made a piece in six acts for the opening exhibition at the Zirkel Gallery. It entails six imaginations of disoriented systems that take a catastrophic turn, including the evolution of educational plant-body-machine models and liquid building materials.

Length: 5000F/ 3min 20s
Sound Design: Zeitguised with Michael Fakesch


AOL Triangle World Pitch

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An AOL/Car Phone Warehouse pitch that sadly went away. We are currently working on animating the triangle swarms.

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Amino Assets

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Originally conceived as a piece for the Getty Images Film competition, this clip blends lo-fi box geometries with hi-res textures, global illumination and artificial 3D/parallax camera movements.

It illustrates the creative process of database design or designing things without a preconception: while browsing through databases of images, the creative combination of tags leads to unexpected findings. on the production end, this results in the recombination of images previously not considered to be in the same category. Our own version of imagineering.

Work featured at the ZEITGUISED solo exhibition ‘CONSTRUCTING’ at fluctuating images in Stuttgart, Germany. Featured in dotmov 2006.

Length: 1 min
Sound: Michael Fakesch (Web Edit), Asli Serbest & Mona Mahall (Art: Constructing Edit)

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Untitled (Landscape)

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An abstract world in the style of early-game-console-goes-lofi-3d is rocked by something like a eerie interplay of an earthquake and snowfall.
It shows our first attempt to entirely avoid employing traditional techniques (keyframing etc.) in 3d cg. It hardly can be called animation, since it is based on a scripted dynamic system with feedback, and by how it is setup (not even modeled in a traditional sense, just generated by script in the 3d software) it develops independently and yields unpredictable results. It is also not software rendered, just hardware rendered directly from the graphics card, and unfolds live on the screen. For the purpose of presentation a few hours have been screen grabbed and edited into a couple of minutes.

Work for the solo exhibition ‘CONSTRUCTING’ at fluctuating images in Stuttgart, Germany.
Featured on videopark.
Length: 11 min
Soundscape: Michael Fakesch

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Untitled (Geometries)

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Coming straight from plastic surgery, this is ZEITGUISED’s second non-traditional character animation. It is scripted and mis-uses parametric and boolean geometries and a dynamic system to develop.

Work for the solo exhibition ‘CONSTRUCTING’ at fluctuating images in Stuttgart, Germany.
Francois Gamaury did a fontastique soundscape, bringing to life our Boolean Character (aka ‘le bonhomme confus’).

Featured on videopark.
Length: 2 min
Sound: Francois Gamaury

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Zeitneit Club Visuals as a live set for Iassen Markov & Moritz von Pein @ Colibri, Stuttgart, Germany. The prerendered bits feature realtime hardware rendered (and screen grabbed) assemblages of readymade 3D objects. Enhanced version for Franz Kirmann @ Pool, London, UK.

Length: 45min material
Music for promo version: Moritz von Pein

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Piece for Group exhibition ‘Room with a Zoo’ by iamstatic, Toronto, Canada @ Resistor Gallery. The concept was to create an animated character that shows behaviour not attributed to mimicking animals or people, or any traditional character animation technique that is merely reiterated with cg. We were looking for methods that reflected the specific qualities of working with digital means. It features a technique where we connected polygon geometries to a bone system intentionally ‘wrong’ to distort them in a complex and dense manner. It also shows a trick that connects particles, spring dynamics and volumetrics.

Featured in the solo exhibition ‘CONSTRUCTING’ at fluctuating images in Stuttgart, Germany.

Length: 1min
Sound: Michael Fakesch

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