Peripetics, ex machina.

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Kontaktschmelze (contact fusion) is the first work using our concept of the ‘boolean camera’. To make use of 3d cg space in a uniquely digital way, space is not cut by a projection of a plane onto a 2d screen anymore: instead, we ‘look’ through the cutting shape of a 3d object to realise the shape of another.
It also employs a remix concept that could be called ‘database modeling’: no modeling has been done, all 3d objects have been downloaded from free resources on the web.

Nomination: ZKM Media Art Award 2002, Karlsruhe, Germany
Featured in Mirrorball 2002, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Length: 4min
Sound: Zeitguised

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Tiny, unseen creatures made from fluff and dust populate the cracks in the surfaces of interior spaces. They seem friendly and harmless when they appear after you left, but some of them are pondering mischief.
Our first promo…and we ended up paying for it. Absolute beginners…
The track is “Alle Dinge Leben” (All Things Live) by the lovely Quarks, Berlin.

Length: 3.10 min
Music: Quarks

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Popular Mechanics

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Architectural proposal for the Chicago Loop area. To activate this part of the city for its inhabitants and visitors beyond corporate purposes the project introduces a layer of a menagerie of small, mobile, ‘activistic’ and transforming architectures on the level of the ‘El”.
Scores of surveillance cameras in the area are hacked and their imagery is analyzed for pedestrian movement and crowd behavior. An interpreting software communicates with ‘gangway’ robots that travel on the tracks of the ‘El’ and provide unexpected opportunities to get off the train in parts of the loop previously inaccesible and now instantly populated for purposes of rigorous inactivity and decisive unproductivity (leisure and nightlife). Automatic projection blimps and ‘visual gardens’ create a visualization to the abstract code of the controlling software in this post-situationist-post-orwellian-simulacrum-come-digital-grassroots-flashmob spectacle.
Featured in onedotzero 2001 and resfest 2001.

Awards: archplus Award 2001
Nomination: ZKM Media Art Award 2001
Length: short edit 8.30 min, original 17.20 min
Sound: Michael Fragstein

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